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Time of humans is low, then (before the year 2017) : Survival List Blog 2012 -2017

A monk have "charismatic"There is much activity.
Leave to remind you that Time of humans is low, then (before the year 2017)

Everything will be over before the end of the year 2560(2017) is not fully human precepts are major natural disaster.

Kill all The human survivors are only a few people. And those who survive often.
Lose consciousness, shock, because most life events. Luang Pu said. Ngi out to expectations, it 'people.

Almost all the world to die at all. But Thailand will rest most about 20-30% survival.
Of the Thai population. To calculate each own simply died out almost all the country That will only one person has really only own morality.

After the year 2560(2017) onwards, humanity will enter a new era called civilized period since Thai people will discount the most (20-30%) to Thailand to be a superpower, and are
The center of the world. After the era of modern civilization, people will change the attitude in life.

Total new era, people are not interested in money again. But the competition in terms of.
Merit - merit.

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Editorial : Survival List Blog 2012 - 2017

What is more important than the death or the survivors of the disaster is preparation.If you must die, let die 'prepare'.

Preparation is divided into two parts : Survival List Blog 2012 - 2017

Preparation is divided into two parts: the preparation and preparation External.

Preparation of the request mentioned only briefly. Mental preparation.

Here we will focus on the preparation of such external.
Preparation of equipment needed to survive the disaster those who believe and negligence should not provide everything with a special .

people who do not believe but principles that we should not underestimate it could find out of an existing home to insert arranged.

Carrying a backpack on when I needed to be won easily if waiting to pick up tight time has gradually made ​​a list of ideas that may be necessary to find the missing and delay behind the situation and have to queue at the end of the procession of immigrants.